Alice Crowe established The Lush Forest as a means of reconnecting people with the joy and beauty of plants in urban spaces. A lifelong gardener and plant lover, Alice holds a Master of Science (Botany) with first class honours.  As well as her extensive experience in indoor plants, she has also worked a retail nursery and in a large heritage garden.  

Before starting in the plant world, Alice worked for about ten years as a litigation lawyer, and later as a lecturer and consultant.




Hailing from Auckland, NZ, Bree studied a Bachelor of Spatial Design and moved to Melbourne in 2017. Growing up in NZ native bush, the relationship between nature and the built environment informs much of Bree’s design work. Bree is passionate about curating greener spaces that thrive and create moments of calmness and joy for clients. She is currently completing a Certificate III in Horticulture, and brings her love of plants and knowledge of interior design to her work at The Lush Forest.

Alice of the Lush Forest has created a garden of delights in my chambers. Alice knows exactly how to design a space so that it still has the necessary corporate look for clients but is also something special and creative. My bookshelves now have cascading plants - and Alice has created an amazing installation in what would otherwise be dead space in the corner of my room. Alice also provides excellent service - including tending to my plants with great care. My chambers are now the envy of everyone, thanks Alice.
— Barrister I Melbourne